Clean Drinking Water

According to the World Health Organization, 1 child dies every 6 seconds in the world, from lack of clean drinking water and water related diseases. We address this need through our clean drinking water projects; Water Pipelines, Water Purification, and Water Well Development.

It's not just what we do, but how we do it that makes a permanent difference in the lives of our beneficiaries. We don't just build the project, we teach local people how to build, maintain, and operate the project - that will be owned and operated by their village; and they promise to duplicate this project in another village. This gives the people healthy self-esteem, and helps them learn responsibility for their life.

As we teach them, we tell stories about our experience with Christ. For instance, doing the water purification project, we share how our life was like dirty water. No matter how hard we tried to be good, like clean water, we could not be good. We needed water purification tablets to make our dirty water clean. Dirty water is like sin, and clean water is like righteousness, and the water purification tablets are the Blood of Jesus Christ that He spilled on the Cross for us to be forgiven of our sin.

The Clean Drinking Water Projects are a mirror of the Living Water, springing up in us, as believers, forever. Water that is so fresh, and life-giving, that we are not thirsty for the water that the world gives; that keeps us thirsty all the time, and never satisfies.

Here are some pictures and testimonies of people and villages that have been changed forever by these projects.


Earth Block Housing

Safe and affordable housing is a basic human need. Our Compressed Earthen Block (CEB) Housing activity addresses this critical need. These compressed earthen blocks are made by a machine that compresses local soil at 2,000 psi to produce blocks. These blocks provide natural insulation from the weather elements; 15 degrees cooler in the desert and 15 degrees warmer in the cold areas. Since no steel, concrete, or wood is required for construction, the cost is very small.

We produce the earthen blocks and then show the people how to build their house, using all the people in the family. Even the little toddlers help by making the mud slurry , putting it into pitchers, and then pouring on top of the blocks as a mortar. This way, the entire familiy has the joy of building their own house TOGETHER.

In CEB construction we share about how we are all the same as human beings; we are Dirt Plus God. This is very fascinating to the people. Then we talk about each of us is a stone among many stones, that together make a house. The Bible calls us living stones. Your village is complete because of your life; and the Kingdom of God will be more complete with your life as a believer in Jesus Christ.

Here is a picture of the Compressed Earthen Block Machine and the Soil Mixer. We will have pictures of the earthen block communities also as they are developed.


Praise Chapel Ethiopia

Our local house church, Praise Chapel Christian Fellowship Ethiopia, began in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. This is the eternal aspect of our Mission. Our passion is to pursue the promise God gave us in Psalms 68:31; "..... Ethiopia shall soon stretch out her hands to God."

To achieve this promise we believe God wants us to work together with like-minded churches and ministries to build the Kingdom of God in Ethiopia.

Every project has a spiritual component, a spiritual influence; as the project is linked by relationship to a local church that the people will grow up within.

As the project is duplicated in another village, so to will the church be duplicated along with the project in the other village.